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Our Expertise

Mindset and Skills



Organization  and Culture

Our services address the four most urgent challenges faced by organizations when engaging in adapting to the digital era.

Innovation as a 

Service (IaaS)

  • Intrapreneurship 

  • Start-up Principles

  • Mentoring

  • Start-up in a box

Business Modeling and Platform Design

  • Value Networks and Circular Economy

  • Platform Design

  • Circular Design

  • Value Creation

Digital Transformation and Exponential Mindset

  • Business Culture Update & Creative Empowerment 

  • Data-Driven Leadership 

  • Digital Leadership 

  • Bootcamp 21

  • Technology Lenses

Services 1

Corporate Education and Executive Training

  • Certification and Experiential Learning 

  • Future Classes 

  • Hybrid Thinking Academy 

  • Biomimicry Academy

  • Bootcamp 21

Agile Organization and Strategic Futures

  • Iterative Workflows & Network Organization

  • Design Thinking

  • Agile Co-Creation

  • Scrum and Lean 

  • Exponential Readiness Check 

  • Future Class  

Human-Centered and   Responsible Innovation

  • Design Thinking 

  • Biomimicry 

  • Circular Design 

  • Experience Design  

  • User Journey Mapping 

  • Touchpoint Analysis and Design

Services 2

Exponential Readiness


  • Innovation Assessment and Audits 

  • Status Quo Analysis

  • Start-up Principle Matching

Human Brands and

Impactful Communication

  • Value-based Narratives and Storytelling

  • Human Brand Evaluation

  • Empathy Journey

  • Branding Differentiation

  • Purposeful Branding

  • Strategic Communication

Services 3

We combine the most relevant innovation strategies in a hybrid. Hybrid Thinking is a combination of the four most powerful approaches of innovation and change management. It is a business engine capable of driving relevant adaptive

and value-based 21st century

business design.

Circular Design and Platform  

Business Modeling

     The Power of           Systems


The Power of

our Brain


The Power of Evolution

Agile/Design Thinking The Power of People 

and Networks

What is Hybrid Thinking?

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