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Strong values are at

the core of innovation 

Our vision is to be the world’s leading responsible innovation consultancy that makes a difference by continually improving all aspects of human life while simultaneously conserving biodiversity.

We believe in the transformation of individuals, organizations, businesses, and our society to shape a just, sustainable, and desirable

future for all humans and natural systemsIn all we do we strive for authenticity, honesty, fairness and compassion in our work and excellence and beauty in our results. 

We deliver reliable, mission-critical solutions that create value, enhance our client's abilities to attain strategic

goals, and transform our society sus-tainably. In everything we do, we

strive for creative excellence,

efficiency, and resource


Our Name reflects

our Values 

Phi ϕ is one of the most famous numbers and plays an important role in the arts,

mathematics, nature, and science. Phi describes the golden ratio. It is the ratio of two successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. phi equals 1.618. It stands for precision, aesthetics, scalability and growth – attributes we value.

We use a systemic approach to drive innovation. We focus on cyclical-systemic solutions rather than linear cause-and-effect. Circular solutions prove to be the ones that last and secure sustainable 

success. As 360 degree solution providers we aspire to create such resilient strategies – sustainable, scalable, global.

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